Hillary (Moms and famous): Her son operated on from the heart, she gives her news

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Hillary is happy. On her Instagram account, the candidate for the program Mamans et Célèbres gives news of her son Matteo following his heart operation. The infant suffered from two heart defects.

The last time you were told about Hillary from the show Moms and Famous, it was to share with you the announcement of bad news. Her little boy, born on November 23, 2021, had to have heart surgery following 2 heart defects. The reality star had posted a post Instagram where she said: “Our life changed the day we learned that Matteo had 2 heart defects. On the 6th day of Matteo’s life, we did a cardiac ultrasound where there… we were told 2 bad news. It is difficult as than parents to experience these moments, difficult to keep smiling, difficult to fully enjoy”.

Hillary speaks in story to give reassuring news about her son Mattéo

After spending many difficult days awaiting a positive diagnosis, the couple had appeared worried and totally devastated on the networks. Giovanny, Hillary’s partner, also spoke: “We are present every day, every hour, every minute, every second with him since birth. Our strength and our good vibes make him stronger. Today we are going through difficult times, certainly the worst of our lives. But Matteo will come out stronger.” The couple shared their sadness while keeping their cool. He was also able to count on the unfailing support of his community.

A reassured and confident mother for the future of her son

After her Instagram post of January 11 where she announced this sad news, the young woman expressed herself in a story: “The good news of the day is that we have just left intensive care. Thank you to the entire intensive care team who were just incredible, caring with their patients and also with the parents.” According to him, Matteo would therefore be out of the woods and would come home sooner than expected. She even added: “We are so happy”. As a result, we did not go through the intensive care box. We normally had to do resuscitation for a few days, intensive care for a few days and then go to the room. And here we are in the bedroom. That means Matteo’s condition is pretty stable and he’s recovering pretty well. So I’m super happy.” Good news for Hillary and her companion who will soon be able to enjoy their family reunited.

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