Hillary (moms and famous) devastated, her son Matteo has had heart surgery


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Credit: Instagram @hillaryoff

Hillary is devastated. On her Instagram account, the candidate for the Moms and Famous show announced that her son Matteo had heart surgery.

Hillary is devastated and the message she posted on January 11, 2022 on her Instagram account saddened everyone. In the caption of a photo of his son Matteo in the hospital, the candidate of the show Moms and Famous announced bad news. Her baby boy, born November 23, 2021, had to undergo heart surgery. “Our life turned upside down the day we learned that Matteo had 2 heart defects. On the 6th day of Matteo’s life, we had a cardiac ultrasound or there… we were told 2 bad news. He is difficult as a that parents to live these moments there, difficult to keep smiling, difficult to take full advantage “ she wrote sadly.

The young woman continued: “This announcement upset us as if time had stood still, we preferred to keep it all to ourselves for 6 weeks in order to protect ourselves, in order to protect baby Milo. We spent a lot of time in hospitals during these 6 weeks. We had to wait for Matteo to gain weight and be at least 1 month old. (Weight that he struggled to gain because he had 2 bronchiolitis) “. Then she added:Today I am sharing this photo with you because Matteo underwent heart surgery yesterday. The operation went well, he is currently in intensive care. We are present every day, every hour, every minute, every second with him since birth. Our strength and good vibes make it stronger. Today we are living through difficult times, certainly the worst of our lives. But Matteo will come out stronger “. Finally, she concluded with emotion: “My son, my warrior. I love you with all my heart”.

Hillary very supported by Internet users and several personalities

In the comments, messages keep pouring in from Internet users. Giovanni Bonamy, the father, wrote these few words: “Thank you for being a brave and courageous mom! Thank you for being the woman you are. I love you”. Sarah Lopez, Elsa Dasc, Jazz, Hagda Prata, Olivia Kugel, Kamila, Maddy or Rachel Legrain-Trapani have sent support to Hillary, who will need it.

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