Hillary (Les Ch’tis) ultra shocked by a sordid news item


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Credit: Instagram hillaryoff

Hillary has just been shocked when she discovered a sordid news item on social networks. We tell you everything in this article.

It has now been several weeks since Hillary gave birth to her second child, Matteo. Unfortunately, the little boy had to have his heart operated on just yesterday … On her social networks, Hillary then confided: “Today, I am sharing this photo with you because Matteo had his heart operated on yesterday. The operation went well, he is currently in intensive care. We are present every day, every hour, every minute, every second with him since birth. Our strength and good vibes make him stronger. Today we are living through difficult times, certainly the worst of our lives. But Matteo will emerge stronger. My son, my warrior, I love with all my heart “.

The Hillary story – Credit (s): Instagram hillaryoff

So when Hillary finds out that in the United States, a mother threw her newborn baby in a trash can, she couldn’t help but shout. On her Instagram story, she writes: “I’m adopting this baby myself! Alala. Frankly, it pains me so much. This baby didn’t ask for anything. From birth, he finds himself in conditions that should never exist and without a family.” A message that she accompanied with several angry emojis and others crying. To find Hillary’s Instagram story, we invite you to go a little higher in this article.

Hillary can be reassured: the child is fine

FYI, passers-by found the newborn after hearing him cry. Once the baby could be saved, help was called by passers-by. After spending around 6 hours in the dumpster, the child was taken to hospital for treatment. And Hillary can be reassured: the newborn is now safe and sound! And it was turned over to the New Mexico Department of Youth Protection. The 18-year-old mother was released on bail pending an upcoming court appearance.

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