Hillary, former star of "Ch’tis" sees her husband embark on a charming platform!

This is news that should delight fans of the couple that form Hillary and Giovanni. Annoyed at being constantly censored on social networks, the pretty blonde’s husband made the decision to create an account on the famous OnlyFans platform. A way to circumvent the rules imposed by Instagram. It was on his Snapchat account that the young man announced the great news to his community. “ Two photos deleted on Insta in two months, because supposedly too sexy… So suddenly, I created an OnlyFans “explained the husband of the star of the Cht’is before adding:” If you follow me or you want to follow me, I prefer to warn you, I will only post exclusive selfie and sexy shooting content! Sexy obviously, because you know, I love it and Snap points me out…but sexy not like some people who take it way too far.”

No OnlyFans for Hillary

As you will have understood, Giovanni intends to stay within reasonable limits. To the chagrin of his admirers. For her part, Hillary does not seem to want to take the plunge. The model’s wife will remain, for the time being, on classic social networks. Very active on Instagram, she continues to share photos of her wedding. On June 26, the two lovebirds finally passed the ring on their finger during a magnificent ceremony. Ceremony to which Aurélie Dotremont was unfortunately not invited. Upset, the ex of Julien Bert spoke on the networks:

Regarding Hillary’s wedding, no I wasn’t invited. Disappointed? No. I stopped one-sided friendships a long time ago, friendship disappointments are part of life but not mine. If someone doesn’t want to stay in touch with me, well, they don’t. I don’t run after people. And I have far too much pride and candor that prevents me from pretending anything. That’s why I have no friends, because very few are those who share the same values ​​and principles as me, who are certainly in the extreme for 2022 when I see the number of p *teries that some (e) s are suffered “. That is what is said…


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