Hillary Duff is criticized for nude photos

Even Hillary Duff is more than happy with the cover she has just added body to. But others are less enthusiastic.

The thing is, the actor, who is currently featured in the TV series ‘How I Met Your Father’, appears naked on the cover of the latest Women’s Health.

And that, according to journalist Kate Ng, ‘is the last thing women need,’ she writes in a column in Independent.

Kate Ng believes that Hillary Duff with the pictures helps to maintain Hollywood’s impossible body ideals.

The 34-year-old Duff himself has said in connection with the pictures being taken the women’s magazine:

‘I am proud of my body. I am proud that it has produced three children for me. “

Earlier, the actress, who as a young woman added body to the role of Lizzie McGuire, has told that she has struggled with an eating disorder. But even though the images are launched under the headline: ‘It’s time to redefine’, the front page is far from the triumphant middle finger to Hollywood’s impossible beauty ideals, as the magazine claims, that is, if you ask the Independent’s journalist.

As proof of her claim, she highlights the dilemma that Hillary Duff has said:

“I have reached a place where I have made peace with the changes my body has undergone.”

At the same time as she herself has told the magazine how a makeup artist, before the pictures were taken, ‘gave her body a glow’, how the photographer made her pose ‘in the most flattering positions’ and lastly that she has trained for months. four days a week with a personal trainer to ‘gain lean muscle’.

On a fan page for the Disney series, ‘Lizzie McGuire’, the 34-year-old actress is now being compared to a ‘a good aged wine’, a word choice that makes the journalist even more red-hot.

»The old man? Like good wine? What is a 34-year-old woman really expected to look like, ”she asks, arguing that the comparison is both ‘skinger’ and ‘sexist’.

Hillary Duff herself says about the photo shoot:

“I felt strong and beautiful and laughed a whole lot while I had to pose without my high-waisted mom jeans and the oversized tops I usually wear.”

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