Hilda about the first time she saw Keld naked: ‘We hurried to put the clothes back on’

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“I had never seen a naked man before, but I was so happy when he said I was beautiful.”

This is how Hilda Heick tells about the first time she saw Keld Heick naked – and he saw her.

The couple had seen each other for a year and a half when the then 17-year-old musician cautiously asked if he could see his girlfriend without clothes.

“I was very thin, so I was nervous and would only take off my clothes if he did the same,” says Hilda Heick in the book ‘Keld and Hilda – couple no. 1’, by Marianne Tofte, according to Se og Hør.

“We kissed each other and felt the longing, but then hurried to put the clothes back on.”

It would be another year and a half before the couple had sex, Hilda Heick has previously told Tidens Kvinder.

‘I remember thinking afterwards,‘ Thank you! Is this really something I have to do for the rest of my life! ‘ I also told Keld that I did not think it was fun – nor do I think it was the great success for him, “said Hilda Heick about her sexual debut as an 18-year-old.

During an interview with BT in 2000, Hilda Heick also touched on her and Keld Heick’s sex life, which she called ‘good’, although it ‘naturally goes up and down and in some periods is more intense than others’.

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Here she answered, among other things, what the sexiest thing about her husband was:

»I have an unusually nice man! He still has his lovely eyes and his kindness, yes, his whole personality makes him sexy !, «she replied.

She further told that if Keld Heick is to seduce his viv, he should take her down to the cottage and light up the wood stove before they get a ride in the fresh air followed by a lovely dinner.

“Then it turns on some emotions.”

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