High School Musical: Zac Efron is hot for a reboot

Zac Efron revealed himself alongside Vanessa Hudgens thanks to Disney and “High School Musical”. Years after his last appearance in the franchise, the actor has just declared himself open to the idea of ​​reprising the role of Troy Bolton.

High School Musical thrilled a generation

All titles that have been successful are likely to return one day. We are constantly flooded with reboots, sequels, prequels and even spin-offs, and this trend does not seem to be reversing. Hollywood likes to bet on already established universes to minimize financial risks. High School Musical has not escaped this treatment in the past. Originally, there was a Disney trilogy (two TV movies and a cinema feature) which is became cult for a generation. The events of this one took place in the high school East High from Albuquerque. We met Troy, a charming and popular boy, member of the establishment’s basketball team. When no one expected it, he decided to audition for a musical in which he wanted to share the poster with Gabriella, a new high school resident.

High School Musical ©Disney Channel

Zac Efron back as Troy Bolton?

We remember the franchise because it revealed Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. They’ve come a long way since that time, respectively, and haven’t been content with their Disney-molded cuteness image. Zac Efron will soon be starring in Firestarter, an umpteenth adaptation of a writing by Stephen King. In full promotion in the United States, he revealed be up for returning in a new movie High School Musical.

To have the opportunity, in any form, to go back and work with this team again would be truly amazing. My heart is still there. It would be amazing. I hope it will happen.

The idea could seduce Disney as the studio is used to recycling. The occasion seems even more beautiful because one of the two stars is ready to participate. It remains to be seen whether Vanessa Hudgens agrees. His reunion with Zac Efron would be a real event because we recall that the two stars were a popular couple in the 2000s. For now, no extension of the universe is on fire. But with the existence of the Disney + platform, we have no trouble imagining that it could accommodate a reboot, a sequel or a series.

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