"He’s ruining my life, I can’t take it anymore…" In tears on the networks, Nour (The Voice) shares a dark message, internet users worried

During the final of the 11th edition of The Voice, Nour was in tears. But if the young woman was crying with joy on May 21, it happened that Florent Pagny’s little protege appeared this Saturday, July 23 on social networks. The 16-year-old singer uploaded a very disturbing video to her TikTok account. Video in which she appears, in tears. In caption: ” He’s ruining my life, I can’t take it anymore guys “. And add ” How am I doing? What arouse strong reactions from his community. If the message is not explicit, Internet users quickly identified the problem of the teenager. Indeed, the young woman spoke recently about her breakup. A complicated period judging by the latest images.

Touched by the distress of the winner of the last season of The Voice, many of its subscribers reacted. “I went through there, don’t worry it’s going to be hard but one day or another you’ll manage to come back up, I promise you that”, wrote a follower. A message that did not encourage Nour, however, since the pretty brunette replied: “It’s been seven months and nothing has changed. »

“You deserve happiness”

Fortunately, the candidate of the famous telecrochet can count on his community. “Courage Nour you deserve only happiness”, “Oh no Nour, you are hurting me too much, please be strong”, “I hope you will manage to get out of this”, “I am so sorry what’s going on”, “Block it, go out and enjoy your holidays”, “Do what relaxes you, hang out with your friends, your family”, “Enjoy your life and achieve your dreams”, ” Try to forget it even if it’s complicated”, can we read in particular in the comments. Courage…


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