Hero beats Superman in DC by doing what Clark Kent is afraid of

Spoiler alert

Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 shows that Clark Kent was bested in DC by his own son, Jon. As is known, the boy assumes his father’s mantle in this arch, needing also to respond to the call as a Man of Steel.

In one story excerpt, the new Superman answers a call for fire in a forest. It was caused by a frightened metahuman.

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Because of the super audition, the DC hero realizes what’s going on. He walks through the flames and tells the metahuman he won’t hurt him.

In that moment, Jon uses a “power” that Clark Kent was always afraid of. The new Superman says his name, building trust with the frightened young man.

In doing so, this DC Superman gains the metahuman’s trust and resolves the situation without throwing a punch. This strength also shows that Jon is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

The boy has the alien strength of the father, but carries the transparency and truth values ​​of the mother.

DC finished one of Superman’s great mysteries

In a flashback, Supergirl revealed why Kryptonite is so deadly to Krypton individuals like Superman and Supergirl herself. That revelation came in an issue of DC’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, according to Screen Rant.

It is revealed in the comic book that kryptonite fragments weaken Superman, Supergirl and others by giving them an extreme form of radiation poisoning that causes cancer.

It’s safe to assume that once the kryptonite is at a safe distance, the Krypton characters’ super healing removes cancer from their bodies.

This situation is ironic, as the same yellow sun that gives them their powers is also what made the wreckage of their home planet so toxic to them.

Interestingly, kryptonite itself is much more sensitive to light from the yellow suns than Krypton superheroes. It also helps explain why she can be so dangerous to them.

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