Heritage Days 2022 in Paris: discover the incredible Banque de France – video

By Cécile D., Laurent P. Photos by Cécile D. Posted Aug 5, 2022 5:43 PM

On the occasion of Heritage Days 2022, on September 17 and 18, the Banque de France, which is based at the Hôtel de Toulouse in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, exceptionally opens its doors to you. The opportunity to visit its golden gallery and its state rooms, but also to discover the history and activities of this French institution.

The Bank of France only very rarely opens its doors to visitors. However, this institution is home to one of the most beautiful galleries in the capital, a must-see! So when the Heritage Days come back, we don’t hesitate for a second: we Reserve its place, and we go to discover this exceptional building and its gilding.

LHotel of Toulouse welcomes the Bank of France since 1811. This mansion, designed by François Mansart, was once owned by the Count of Toulouse, Louis-Alexandre de Bourbon. To the French Revolution, the building is seized, and is bought a few years later by the Banque de France. However, the hotel retains some vestiges of this monarchical era.

We can thus discover the Gallery golden, redecorated at the beginning of the 18th century in the Regency style and restored in 2015. We also admire them living rooms ceremonial which house a collection of 18th century furniture and the painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard “Celebration at Saint Cloud”. Built between 1635 and 1640 by François Mansart for Louis XIII’s Secretary of State, Louis Phélypeaux de La Vrillière, the Golden Gallery is 40 meters long, 6.5 meters wide and 8 meters high

This weekend of September 17 and 18, 2022, Heritage Days weekend, so you can visit this magnificent private mansion for free. Remember to book your visit slot!

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This open house weekend is also an opportunity to to encounter and discuss with officers of the Bank, who explain their missions in detail. Fun activities full of surprises are also planned, with games for children, and an immersive boxing that allows us to admire a real gold barin the heart of the underground, where the France’s gold reserve.

Experiences as beautiful as they are unusual, that should make this visit unforgettable! We’re going to the Bank of Francethe friends ?

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