Here you’ve seen her before: ‘X Factor’ contestant has performed for thousands of people

Do you think ‘X Factor’ contestant Jessica seemed familiar? It’s not entirely coincidental.

The 30-year-old singer, who wore her big black sunglasses and red boots, sang her way forward from this week’s audition round, has far more stage experience than the average ‘X Factor’ participant.

First of all, she was in the very first edition of ‘X Factor’ back in 2008 when she was very young.

Here she came in Remee’s ‘under 25’ category and reached all the way to the last bootcamps along with names like Basim and the first ‘X Factor’ winner Martin before she was sorted out.

Jessica til 'X Factor'.

Jessica til ‘X Factor’.

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“I remember it went super well. It was something different than today, when we were at several bootcamps at the time. I smoked out in the round where Remee had to sort the field down to five participants. I remember I would have preferred Blachman as a judge, “Jessica says with a laugh.

At the time, she still only went to primary school, so her parents insisted that she get a high school education before she was allowed to move to Copenhagen and pursue a career in the music industry – and then it took off.

First, she got a boyfriend who also made music.

She became part of the music scene in Copenhagen and got the same manager as the young pop singer Cisilia, who, among other things, got a collaboration to stand up with different names like Clemens, TopGunn and the team around Wafande and Pharfar.

The trio of judges Remee, Blachman and Lina Rafn that Jesscia faced when she first appeared in 'X Factor' in 2008.

The trio of judges Remee, Blachman and Lina Rafn that Jesscia faced when she first appeared in ‘X Factor’ in 2008.
Photo: Simon Bohr

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Jessica says that at one point she also worked with the Grammy-winning American producer Graham Nash and got choir jobs in the United States, where she tried to stand on stages in front of many thousands of people.

In 2016 she also participated in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix with the song ‘Break It Good’ – that was the year the trio Lighthouse X won with the song ‘Soldiers of Love’ – and more recently she has sung choirs for Dodo and the Dodos here at home as well as traveled the world with international reggae star Collie Buddz.

In other words, Jessica has tried a little of everything in the music business, and therefore the big question is: Why show up in ‘X Factor’ one more time?

‘I’ve never been busy with my music. My experience is that if you are busy with your musical work, it will not be good, “says Jessica.

Jessica on stage for the Danish melody grand prix in 2016.

Jessica on stage for the Danish melody grand prix in 2016.
Photo: Henning Bagger

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“At the same time, last year I had a boyfriend who almost four months in a row asked me if I would not sign up again. He did not want to stop, so he also gave me a little push, which I am happy about today, “she continues and adds with a laugh:

“Because if it had to be, then it would have to be now that both I and the program have a 15-year anniversary. Then it could only go well. “

Jessica reveals that she also lined up to take revenge.

In 2009 – the year after she first performed – she tried again, but this time she did not proceed at all from her audition.

“I may also have a little trauma from that time that had to be overcome, so when I went to audition this year, it was also with the attitude that now Denmark should see who I am,” she laughs.

Jessica, who still lives in Copenhagen today, thought it was a party to be back in the ‘X Factor’ universe.

The judges were sweet and she clicked well with the other participants.

“There was such a good atmosphere. I click damn well with the young people who come with the same fresh energy that I myself have. I am not in a hurry to have a house and children; it’s the music it’s about, ”she says, adding that when the world opens up again, the plan is for her to go on a new European tour with reggae star Collie Buddz.

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