Here it all begins: Rebecca Benhamour (Célia) bids farewell to the series

In “Here everything begins”, the beautiful Célia left the institute to go to Paris. Only a few days after her departure, the interpreter of the latter, Rebecca Benhamour, has decided to speak and confirms that she is leaving the series.

Here it all starts : bye bye Celia

Present since the beginning of the series Here it all starts in November 2020, Célia Gaissac, played by Rebecca Benhamour, decided to take off. Indeed, for several weeks, the young woman has been expressing her desire to leave the institute and go live in Paris with her boyfriend, Théo. Unfortunately for her, everything didn’t go as planned and the one she loves didn’t want to leave his position as chef at Double A, and miss out on the great opportunities that present themselves to him. The beautiful brunette, no longer able to stand staying at the salt marshes, decided to pack her bags alonetowards the capital.

Here it all starts ©TF1 Production

For a month, some rumors have emerged, concerning the departure of the actress. Our colleagues fromAllocinated, were able to ask the producer of the series about it. Sarah Farahmand therefore explains that Rebecca Benhamour, who plays Celia, was very present in the last ark, that’s whyshe gets a big break afterwards and thus leaves room for the other characters. However, if we believe the words of the actress, this break could be very long.

A page turns

The young actress of 25 years does not appear in the new credits of the series, which proves that her character will be little present, even absent. Rebecca Benhamour therefore decided to speak on the account Instagram ofHere it all starts, to make things clear. She lent herself to the game during a question-and-answer session and was thus able to answer the many questions from fans of the soap opera. When a user asks her about her possible return to the series, she answers:

For the moment, it is not planned, there are other projects which are in progress. But maybe in a year, three years, ten years, a hundred years, I’ll be back.

No imminent return for the young woman who wants to focus on other projects. It therefore puts an end to the hopes of viewers who thought to find it in a new plot at the start of the school year. Her last appearance in the series was on Monday July 25, when Célia calls Théo from Paris. Obviously, the actress wanted to thank the many fans who follow the program:

Thank you very much for these two years where you gave me a lot of love, gave me a lot of support. Without you, I surely wouldn’t have been so present in the series. Thanks to you. I hope to see you on other projects.

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