Here it all begins: discover the coup against Maxime

Maxime competes alongside chef Teyssier in “Here everything begins” and they intend to win first place. However, an event will change everything and the young apprentice is ready to leave the competition. Find out which character is trying to destabilize Maxime. (CAUTION Spoilers)

Here it all begins : Maxime wants to leave the competition

While the cooking competition organized by chef Michel Sarran is in full swing in Here it all begins, Maxime Delcourt intervenes with chefs and requests that the competition be suspended. No one understands his reaction. The young man explains himself and talks about the toxic relationship between Chef Cardone and Elodie. He is convinced that the latter attacks her student and mistreats her. Indeed, he witnessed a violent scene between the two women.

Elodie was humiliated by her superior. A discussion is then opened with Antoine and Chef Sarran. After reflection, they decide not to suspend the competition. What’s more, Elodie denies Maxime’s words and wish to continue. The latter, beside himself, returns his apron and withdraws from the competition.

Maxime is the victim of a scheme

For her part, the chef Cardone finds Louis and Enzo, Maxime’s competitors, and she announces to them that the competition is maintained. The female duo explains having staged all this abuse in order to destabilize Maxime. Known to have a big heart, it was obvious that the young man was going to intervene. Now that Maxime is ousted, it’s every man for himself. But that was without taking into account the intuition of chef Teyssier, Maxime’s partner. Obviously, the latter does not intend to give up the competition of the sort.

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He immediately understood the plan that his competitor had put in place. Teyssier knows the chef Cardone well because it is not at its first attempt. He therefore hastens to inform his student, Maxime. Thus, the director of the establishment Auguste Armand reveals the deception and the young apprentice finally decides to get back into the competition. Afterwards, the members of the jury cannot decide semi-finalists, the results will be communicated the next day.

To be continued in the next episodes of Here it all begins broadcast every night on TF1 at 6.30 p.m.

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