Here it all begins: Celia absent from the series, here is when her character will return (SPOILERS)

Here it all begins

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Good news ! Célia will be back in Here it all begins and even faster than expected.

This week in Here everything begins, it’s the excitement! The competition for the best cooking school is currently taking place in the grounds of the Auguste Armand Institute and everyone has their own stake … Who will win the trophy? Which boss is the meanest? Is Maxime a manipulator? Is Louis lying about his recipes? The next episodes of the series TF1 promises to be very eventful! At the same time, a piece of news should delight viewers: After her recent departure, Célia will soon be returning to Calvières.

Remember a few days ago now the pretty brunette flew to the north of France to do a one-month internship. Célia, who suffered a sexual assault with Simony, then a lot of heart problems with Jérémy, Solal and recently Stella, had asked for a change of air … If some were wondering if her interpreter Rebecca Benhammour had left Here it all begins, it is not so ! She has resumed filming and the character of Celia will return to the screen before the end of January.

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Célia returns and Maxime leaves in Here it all begins

It is in the episode of Thursday, January 27 that we will find the student, since the short summary says: “Back from her internship, Célia takes initiatives that have turned the service upside down.” A news which should therefore heal the hearts of viewers, since we remind you, it is now official, Maxime will definitely leave Here everything begins on Wednesday January 26th. A departure followed by a return to try to erase the disappointment of fans of the series TF1 ? May be…

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