Here is the recipe for the famous Belgian fries by Philippe Etchebest

Do you know how to make fries? But not like Philippe Etchebest! Good news, the French chef is tackling it today for a delicious recipe, which everyone will fall for.

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For that, it’s very simple, for two people, all you need is 6 potatoes, 1 frying bath (vegetable oil, beef fat, duck fat, etc.) and a little salt.

According to Philippe Etchebest, a good recipe lies in several things: choosing the right foods, here the right potatoes (bintje, monalisa, manon, marabel…), but also depending on the length of cooking.


The Top Chef star will show you two different cooking methods for good fries:

Cooking: cold start in oil

Cooking: pre-steaming and finishing in the frying

Here is the recipe:

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