Here is the plant that will bring you luck according to your zodiac sign!

Color, day of the week or even a precious stone… Each astrological sign has a lucky charm! And fortunately, it is the same for plants! If you have a green thumb and want to give life to your interior, now is the time to invest in a plant that will look like you and that will fill your home with good vibes!

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A plant will soothe you in addition to bringing you luck! And for good reason, according to a study from the Universities of Essex and Westminster (Great Britain), cultivating your garden in the true sense of the term is a real source of happiness: “We strongly encourage all garden owners to take care of them regularly: our work has also shown that the positive effects of gardening on health do not diminish over time. If you don’t have a garden, that’s okay: taking care of a plant (whether on a balcony or even indoors) already has an impact on well-being ”, explains the scientists in the specialized journal Journal of Public Health… One more reason to roll up their sleeves and start gardening!


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