Here is the number of nuclear weapons possessed by the 9 atomic powers of the planet

In 2021, there are just over 13,000 nuclear warheads deployed, in reserve or awaiting dismantling, across the planet. This stock is currently distributed among the nine nuclear powers: United States, Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea. However, these countries are far from equal in terms of nuclear power. Russia and the United States, however, remain far ahead, holding around 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons with 6,255 warheads for Moscow and 5,550 atomic bombs for Washington.

However, a new great nuclear power could emerge. While the United States and Russia have slightly reduced their stocks of nuclear weapons, China continues to increase its atomic arsenal. A report, released by the Pentagon, revealed that the People’s Republic produced 60 additional warheads during the year 2021. The institute estimates that Xi Jinping’s government now has 350 weapons of mass destruction. The People’s Republic recently overtook France (which has a stock of 290 warheads) and now ranks third among the most nuclear countries.

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According to the US military, this increase in the nuclear capabilities of Beijing would serve to “counter the United States in the Indo-Pacific zone.” The acceleration of China’s nuclear expansion could allow it to have 700 nuclear warheads. by 2027, “said this annual report, adding that it is” likely that Beijing seeks to acquire at least 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030. “The Pentagon also believes that the government of Xi Jinping is also seeking to modernize its ballistic weapons to make them faster and less easily detectable, and the security of the United States would then be seriously threatened.

Discover with this graphic how many atomic weapons are held by the 9 nuclear powers of the planet:


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