Here is the most prudent astrological sign in the zodiac … by far!

If Scorpios, Lions or Taurus are known to be hot signs boiling… A sign of the zodiac shines more by its shyness when it comes to approaching subjects below the belt… By decorum and modesty , this Earth sign simply hates talking about sex… It is of course Virgo!

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22): a very modest Earth sign!

Known to be the most orderly and manic native of the zodiac, this sign is also the most prudish! Rather introverted by nature, the sign of Virgo is the type to turn red as a tomato when he hears about sex! For this native, his intimacy must remain strictly private… Thus, the Virgin almost never broaches this subject with anyone, not even with her partner!

If this astrological sign is outraged just at the idea of ​​hearing a joke for a while is unequivocal, that does not mean that in bed this native loses his means! If it is true that the latter likes traditional positions which do not expose him too much … As a general rule, this psychorigid sign can free itself from the shackles that it imposes on itself over time. And for good reason, once in confidence, this very calm and reserved Earth sign can turn into a fiery lover who may impress you! An aspect of his personality that only his half will have access to …


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