Here is the loosest astrological sign in the zodiac!

If some astrological signs shine with their foolproof bravery such as Aries or Taurus, other natives are on the contrary known to be very fearful! A water sign is also known to be the loosest of the zodiac … Explanations!

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An astrological sign that is afraid of conflict

Because he is extremely afraid of conflict, the Pisces quite simply prefers to avoid putting themselves in danger by fleeing! Indeed, this astrological sign has the gift of turning its heels as soon as things get sour … A real reflex for a sign that tends to think that flight is the best solution for everyone!

Very dreamy, this astrological sign also tends to multiply ambitious projects that he often ends up abandoning! For the simple reason that the Pisces is afraid of failure, the latter prefers to spoil everything himself so as not to be hurt in his ego!

In love, the Pisces does not show great courage either … Behavior of passive aggressive, pro in the art of ghosting someone … This astrological sign is ready to cunning so as not to have to explain or to don’t end a relationship in person! Moreover, when it does not disappear overnight to signify that the romantic relationship is over, it is not uncommon for this Water sign to purposely push his half to the end so that the latter takes the lead in stopping the couple herself …


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