Here is the drink not to drink before the sales

If you plan to do some shopping be careful what you put in your cup before you go. Indeed, according to a recent study (source 1) published on June 11 in the Journal of Marketing, this choice would be important. Researchers wanted to examine how drinking coffee could impact online purchases or a shopping session in stores.

caffeine is the most popular stimulant in the world and is consumed daily by a significant portion of the world’s population in the form of coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks. Consumers often shop online and in physical stores immediately after or while consuming caffeine. This is further facilitated by the growing prevalence of coffee shops and also the fact that some retail stores have in-store coffee bars and offer free caffeinated beverages.

“Results from a series of experiments conducted in the field (in several retail stores in different countries) and in the laboratory show that the consumption of a caffeinated drink before purchases improves impulsivity in terms of increase in the number of items purchased and higher expenses,” summarize the authors of the study. This correlation is all the more verified for so-called purely pleasure purchases as opposed to more useful purchases. “These findings are important for managers to understand how seemingly unrelated behavior (eg, caffeine consumption) in and/or around the store affects spending,” the researchers explain.

According to this study, caffeine consumption can have unintended negative financial consequences on spending. “Therefore, consumers trying to control impulse spending should avoid consuming caffeinated beverages before shopping,” encourage the authors of this study.

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