Here is the bonus that the Devils will receive if they win the World Cup

The bonuses are identical to those of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the last negotiations dating back to 2017. In Russia, each player had won a whopping 312,000 euros for their third place. If the Devils are world champions, each will receive 435,000 euros. A finalist place would bring in 370,000 euros. On the other hand, 42,000 euros will be awarded per player in the event of elimination from the group stage. Compared to other nations, the Devils are in the middle of these bonuses.

Note that those who contributed to the qualification will also be compensated and a calculation will be made on a pro rata basis in relation to the number of matches played.

• Anyway, for each Red Devil selected: 42,000 euros
• 1/8th final: 90,000 euros
• Quarter-finals: 170,000 euros
• Semi-finals: 290,000 euros
• Third place: 312,000 euros
• Second place: 370,000 euros
• World champion: 435,000 euros

Source: The Last Hour

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