Here is the astrological sign that you must avoid if you have an artichoke heart!

If you are Cancer or Pisces, you are considered the two most sensitive astrological signs of the zodiac! So, you tend to be particularly disappointed and take it extremely seriously when someone around you breaks your trust… And of course, you are not the only ones! All the signs of the zodiac can be brought to fall from the top whether in love or in friendship … And if by chance you know that you have a real heart of artichoke, know that you should avoid giving your trust too easily. to one sign of the zodiac in particular: Sagittarius! The reason ? This native is capable of breaking your heart without realizing it… Explanations!

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Sagittarius: an executioner of hearts!

Unfortunately renowned for being the most unfaithful sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius does not steal its reputation as Don Juan! And for good reason, this native loves to seduce, even when he is in a relationship! Because he wants to know if he can still please, or quite simply because he wants to feel again the great thrill of flirting, this Fire sign is a big flirtatious who usually gets his way… The reason? This very sociable native arrives without too much difficulty in giving anyone confidence with his angelic gaze, which should not be trusted at all! And it is only once the fish is in its nets that this astrological sign begins to feel regret … Disappointed to have betrayed his half, the Sagittarius does not take long to adopt a strange behavior that calls out to his half! And often – and very fortunately for that matter – he admits that he has made a mistake!

In the event that Sagittarius does not cross the line, know all the same that this native adores to please and that he can not help charming any person with whom he has a conversation … An aspect of his personality that it will be difficult for you to understand if you have an artichoke heart and you want your darling to have eyes only for you!


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