Here Everything Begins: Will Guillaume cheat on Clotilde with Laëtitia? We have the answer (SPOILERS)

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If a lot of fans are disappointed to learn that the interpreter of Maxime Delcourt, alias Clément Rémiens, will soon leave definitively Here it all begins, the writers have prepared a rather crisp new plot for the days and weeks to come … love and deceit are an integral part of all daily series and that of TF1 is obviously no exception to the rule. Precisely, for some time now, we have noticed a rapprochement between Guillaume and Laëtitia, which ultimately does not seem so trivial.

After having covered Laëtitia for the death of the goldfish and the file of Kelly’s scholarship request, Guillaume will continue to be very complicit with the guardian in the next episodes from here it all starts… Until pinching it for her! Clotilde’s husband will even share his feelings with Antoine, explaining to him that he has fallen under the spell of Laëtitia and that he feels totally upset. So, will the two eventually crack? Will Guillaume in turn deceive Clotilde, after she has slept with Joachim?

Just read the short recaps of the next episodes in the series from TF1 to get to the bottom of it. That of December 6 indicates : “Laëtitia promises her daughter that her new love story will have no impact on her studies”, while that of December 7 announces: “Guillaume wants to reveal his secret to Clotilde but Laëtitia strongly advises against it.” We can therefore deduce that both will succumb! While waiting to see this, know that a new couple could form in Here it all begins.

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