Here comes the beer produced with sewage water, the ecological idea: “I tasted it, I would never have said that it is made of toilet water”

Blonde? Red? Weiss or Ipa? No, “sewer” beer. Food dreams of ecological recycling are no longer desires but reality. TO Singapore a beer was produced using recycled water from sewage drains. In short, a beer that tastes of self-circulation and that, instead of hints of coriander and citrus, tastes directly of fruit and condiments of the day before lunch. Is called NEWBrew and it is really “new” or brand new this beer produced in collaboration between the National Water Agency of Singapore and the Brew brewery.

In support of the product launch, which took place in Singapore supermarkets as early as April 2022, here is the declaration of an enthusiastic amateur who publishes the site Bloomberg:Seriously, I tasted it and would never have said it was made of toilet water“, Said 58-year-old Chew Wei Lian, a gentleman who had bought beer from a supermarket to try it after hearing about it. “NI wouldn’t mind drinking it if it were in the fridge. I mean, it tastes like beer and I like beer. ” Good. But it does not end here because in Singapore, given what is called the shortage of fresh water, there is sewage from the sewage system they also recycle drinking water to encourage ecological awareness. So what do you want? A glass of sparkling or still water? From the toilet, thanks, that’s okay, even better.


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