Here are the potential buyers for Valdemar’s Castle: ‘It’s not free to own such a thing’

After several months of drama, Caroline Fleming’s family castle, Valdemar’s Castle, has just been put up for sale. But who will be the potential buyer?

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According to realtors specializing in estates, there are typically three types of buyers for a property of that caliber.

“You have to both have the desire to pay for it and run it. The sum insured alone amounts to 500,000 a year, «says real estate agent Asger Olsen, who has the castle for sale.

Valdemar’s Castle was built by Christian IV and has been owned by the noble family Iuel-Brockdorff for 11 generations.

Valdemar's Castle is beautifully situated by the water at Tåsinge.

Valdemar’s Castle is beautifully situated by the water at Tåsinge.
Photo: Valdemars Slot / Asger Olsen

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With its 6,000 square meters, the main building is one of the country’s largest private homes, and with the history that accompanies the castle at Tåsinge, it will probably attract a special kind of buyers.

“Every time you deal with those big properties, there are a lot of emotions involved. So now we have to go out and find some others who will take care of what the previous owners have done for 400 years, «says Asger Olsen, who has sold three other estates this year.

He points out that there are typically three types of buyers for such a property: a foundation, a Danish rich man or a foreign rich man.

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“It is most likely that a private man will come. And at least half of those who come across something like this come from abroad, where they make a lot of money, “he says and explains that the buyers of goods can be relatively unknown in Denmark.

Valdemar's Castle is huge - also inside.

Valdemar’s Castle is huge – also inside.
Photo: Valdemars Slot / Asger Olsen

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Asger Olsen says that he has several possible offers for buyers to contact, just as he has already been contacted by several. He therefore does not bet that it will take a long time to find a buyer for the glory.

»165 million is a lot of money, but there is land for the first 100 million kroner. And there are also villas on the beach road that are being sold for 100 million kroner, “he says.

The future owner gets more options with the old castle. In addition to the large main building, which houses an apartment of 500 square meters, there are also 17 rental homes, a number of other buildings and 418 hectares of land, which is both field and forest.

According to lawyer Henning Moritzen, who is the liquidator in the case, permission has been obtained to set up a horse stud and other exciting things on the site.

However, some of the buildings are listed and this places some restrictions.

But it is different what the new owners of the estates choose to use them for. Some choose to settle on them, while others use them as meeting rooms for meetings with, for example, foreign businessmen.

“For example, the businessman Lars Kolind used Løndal Gods (south of Silkeborg, ed.) Commercially, while he himself lived in Copenhagen,” says Asger Olsen.

Either way, it will be smart if the future owner has plenty in the bank account, because it costs a fortune to operate and maintain Valdemar’s Castle.

“The current owners have made it run around with income from agriculture and rentals, but there are also obligations involved. And they have to have 4-5 men employed to keep parks and the like at bay, “says Asger Olsen.

Part of Valdemar's Castle is today made into a museum.

Part of Valdemar’s Castle is today made into a museum.

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