“Hercai”: when Akın Akınözü was overweight and bullied at school

What was Akın Akınözü like at school? The heartthrob of the Turkish soap opera “Hercai”He had a hard time when he was in school. The bullying of his other colleagues marked the time when he was overweight, but it did not daunt him and he decided to make a radical decision, especially for his health. Therefore, his followers have been surprised to see the photographs of what the Turkish actor and co-star of the aforementioned fiction looked like with Ebru Sahin.

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Akinozu is one of the current stars of the turkish tv, although his future could have been different. The edge has said that acting was not in his plans at the beginning and that he studied mathematics.

The protagonist of turkish drama He also has the talent of numbers and that is why he studied at the TED Institute and in the University of California, Berkeley, over six years. But he fell in love with acting and took the risk of leaving behind a career as an academic by the cameras.

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“From studying mathematics to acting was a great decision and now I realize that, if I had not made that decision, it would have been a great mistake. I am very happy that I did “, said to Infobae. The past of Akin Akinozu continues to surprise his fans around the world, especially with the photographs of what he looked like as a child applied in the school.

Ebru Şahin and Akin Akinözü in a scene from “Hercai”, the Turkish soap opera that has brought them to world fame. (Photo: Mia Yapim)


Akin Akinozu, the heartthrob of “Hercai” next to Ebru Sahin, he was overweight when he was in school and suffered bullying from his classmates. They were hard moments for the Turkish actor, when he only thought about dedicating himself to mathematics.

However, over the years, his change was noticeable because despite 120 kilos during his adolescence he became 70. This he achieved with a routine constant of training and a suitable feeding. The protagonist of the Turkish soap opera did it, above all, for his Health.

That Lifestyle it still maintains it today. Although he first went vegan, Akınözü went on to have a pescetarian diet, where it only consumes fish and not beef. In this way, the television star has obtained a suitable balance for his organism.


The actor Akin Akınözü was born on September 22, 1990 in Ankara (Turkey). He is the only son of the actress Özlem Akınözü by Tamer Akınözü, and is from the zodiac sign Virgo.

The passion for acting is thanks to her family because her mother is the renowned actress Ozlem Akinozu, his maternal grandfather Sureyya Arin He was one of the pioneering Turkish television hosts on TRT and his great-uncle Suha Arin is known as the “Father of Turkish Documentaries.”

His acting career began in 2014 with supporting appearances in various television series such as “Kösem, the sultana” and “Friends Are Good”. “Aslan Ailem”, from 2017, was his first star, in the role of Murat Aslan, although his big break came in 2019, with “Hercai”, A story of love and revenge that involves two families that have a past that antagonizes them.


Sandra Pestemalciyan is the girlfriend of Turkish actor Akin Akinözü, who plays the protagonist of the Turkish soap opera “Hercai”. He was born in Istanbul in 1995 and is currently 26 years old. In 2016, the beautiful young woman graduated from an economics degree at the Istanbul Polytechnic University.

According to international media, Sandra Pestemalciyan and Akin Akinözü They met in the United States about eight years ago. After two years of friendship, they decided to start a love story together and since then the couple has not separated at any time.



An embarrassing incident took place on the set of recordings of the series “Hercai”. With more than two years of constant work, it is normal that the actors and the team behind the cameras can feel irritated, so some friction at work is not something crazy; However, an incident caused great astonishment in the followers of the show.

Apparently, Akin Akinozu (Miran) he had been late to the set, which annoyed a member of the production team. The worker rebuked the artist and he did not take it well, so he decided to leave the set in anger.

According to what the star shared, things were not like that. The interpreter of They watch he claims to have been insulted, reason enough to denounce the abusive attitudes of the workers.

“While I was in the caravan, at the time of preparation prior to the filming of 04/19/2021, the set manager attacked me and spoke insulting and threatening words for a delay that I did not cause. Subsequently, I submitted a criminal complaint before the Chief Public Ministry of Midyat about the person for the behaviors that continued (…) towards the physical threat. I insult myself”, wrote Influx in a photo caption on your account Instagram.

Akın Akınözü and Ebru Sahin in one of the most tense scenes in "Hercai".  (Photo: Mia Yapım)
Akın Akınözü and Ebru Sahin in one of the most tense scenes in “Hercai”. (Photo: Mia Yapım)


The drama is centered on Reyyan, granddaughter of Sadoglu, one of the most powerful families in Midyat, in addition to one of the most cruel. As she is not the biological granddaughter of Nasuh, the clan leader, the young woman is constantly mistreated and humiliated at the expense of her cousin Yaren.

However, that doesn’t stop Miran, the fiancé from Friend, fall in love and finally marry her. After their wedding night, and after consummating their marriage, Reyyan discovers that Miran only married her to get revenge on her family. In time, the secrets will be revealed as Reyyan and Miran try to appreciate their love despite all obstacles.


“Hercai” is composed of three seasons already released in their country of origin. The first installment features 12 episodes and aired between March 15, 2019 and May 31, 2019.

The second, which has 26 chapters, aired from September 20, 2019 to March 27, 2020. Finally, the third season, which has 31 episodes, premiered on September 18, 2020 and ended on April 25, 2021.

Total, “Hercai” has 69 episodes, which have an approximate duration of 150 minutes, therefore, it is probable that the Turkish soap opera has more than 138 episodes in the countries where it is transmitted, since they are adapted to the characteristics of the television of each place.

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