Hérault: fraternity pleaded by six high school students during the Eloquence Competition in Pézenas

The La Dépêche Group Foundation organized its territorial selection in Pézenas this Friday, January 14.

This Friday morning, at the Jean-Moulin high school in Pézenas, the La Dépêche Group Foundation organized one of the territorial selections for its annual eloquence contest. Six candidates from the Charles-Cros high schools in Carcassonne, Beauséjour in Narbonne, Henri-IV in Béziers, Ferdinand-Fabre in Bédarieux and Jean-Moulin in Pézenas had to defend the theme of fraternity in five minutes before the jury.

“The text is a reflection of what they did together”

Most of the texts presented were worked on in class, collectively. The candidates were therefore ambassadors of their class.

“We really didn’t want it to be a teacher’s text., says Sébastien Diaz, Spanish teacher at the Lycée Henri – IV in Béziers and who followed the project with his colleagues, Mrs Fulleda and Mrs Portier, teachers of French and mathematics respectively. The text is a reflection of what they did together. Then, four students presented it to us and we voted, teachers and students, and Lyna Belaidi was chosen. It’s very positive. It gives them increased self-confidence and it unites the classy group.” A competition that reinforces the preparatory work for the new Grand oral du bac.

Next step on January 25 at the rectorate of Montpellier

Elisa Neysius, a second student, had the heavy burden of starting, at home since she is educated in Pézenas. “I am anxious by nature, it was a lot of stress, she explains, after her performance. But I was happy to defend these values. And no matter the outcome, it was the experience itself that interested me. I have the project to become a lawyer, it is only more.

Élisa Neysius, student of Jean-Moulin in Pézenas.

“It’s very short and very frustrating, comments a member of the jury at the end of the selection. We feel all the work done: research, reflection, analysis and voice. And I want to salute the collective work of these students as well as the expertise and support of their teachers.” Another jury points out: “I want to highlight your incarnation of the text. You have to inhabit it to highlight it.”

The jury, in the first row, very attentive.

The jury, in the first row, very attentive.

The next stage will take place on January 25 at the rectorate of Montpellier for a final of the Eloquence Competition which should take place in the spring in Toulouse.

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