Her character? "Princess Charming"-Jay explains Korb to Hanna

That’s why she left the show voluntarily! Hanna Soekeland is the new Princess Charming – and as a protagonist she is allowed to date hot single ladies. Of course, it doesn’t fit with every candidate. After two episodes, three women had to pack their bags and leave. But not only Hanna decides who she wants to get to know further. That’s what the content creator decided jay to go voluntarily – she now explained her motives to Promiflash!

Already on the show, the influencer from Frankfurt am Main said to Hanna on the night of the decision that she did not feel well. in the celebrity flashBut in the interview, Jay explained: “Because Hanna isn’t my type visually, I had to get the character out. However, I couldn’t really connect with Hanna and I just missed certain things.” She decided to follow her gut feeling and break off the love affair. The 27-year-old does not regret that to this day.

Jay has always remained true to himself. There were also no intensive and informative discussions with Hanna. Is that why she’s a little sad? “To keep it short – no, the trip was so very enriching for me”she found clear words in the further conversation with celebrity flash.

Instagram / jaygotajetpack

Jay, Princess Charming contestant 2022
Hanna at the first “Princess Charming” decision

Instagram / jaygotajetpack

The “Princess Charming” contestant Jay in May 2022

Did you think beforehand that Hanna and Jay wouldn’t fit together?

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