Henry Cavill Wore Christopher Reeve’s Superman Suit: The Trials!

Henry Cavill is Superman! It is the battle cry of the fans of the version of the character devised by Zack Snyder and carried out by the actor. Of course, not everyone agrees with the interpretation of the Man of Steel that is far from being the hero who is always ready to smile at the camera and seems to be that friend that we all want to have. Snyder and Cavill devised another path for Clark Kent.

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Both in Man of Steel, like in Batman v Superman and in the Snyder cut of Justice League, he carries out his hero status with existential doubts that are not easily resolved. His human parents guided him on this path in such a way that he shows himself to the world only when people are ready. Even so, Martha reminds him that “Owes nothing to anyone”.

Cavill and Christopher Reeve’s suit

How does humanity respond? They recognize Superman only when he makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives his life in the battle against Doomsday. He is later resurrected by the Justice League and returns to “Save the day” against Steppenwolf. The DCEU needs Superman and Cavill’s work was often compared to that of Christopher Reeve. Nostalgia is present in some fans who do not forget the Clark Kent of the original films.

Then an oasis emerged in the desert. Yes, the costume fit in which Henry wore the costume Christopher Reeve to see how “Gave on camera” and in this way begin to imagine it as Superman in your own movie. The interpreter smiles and is seen comfortable dressed as the Last Son of Krypton. Were you born for that role? We think so!

The suit that he finally wore Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe it is hyper-tight and highlights the actor’s worked physique. It has one more look “alien” than Reeve’s version. It is influenced by the characteristics of the Kryptonian fashion established in the first sequence of Man of Steel with the inhabitants of that planet: Jor-El, Lara and Zod, among others. Sure, it adds color in contrast to the black those characters use. Perhaps to symbolize what the S on the chest means: “Esperanza”.

Meanwhile, there are doubts about Henry’s continuity as Superman in the DCEU and there are even alternative projects to bring the Man of Steel to life but in color. The actor of The Witcher was in favor of these new incarnations, but stressed that “the cape is in the closet” and wants to continue being the superhero.

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