Henry Cavill was proud of Natalie Viscuso: he dedicated a tender message to her


Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso have been in a love relationship for a year and it seems that their love is going from strength to strength. He knows the tender message that the actor dedicated to his girlfriend and why.

Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso
© @henrycavillHenry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso

The life of henry cavill stopped being so private from the moment she came to Netflix. The actor, who became known worldwide thanks to his interpretation of Superman, managed to maintain secrecy regarding their privacy. Nevertheless, his arrival at the streaming giant with The Witcher It has led him to cross borders and be one of the best-known artists in the industry, to the point that interest in knowing his intimacy was also on the rise.

That is, like every world star, henry cavill he has had to pay the price of international fame: speculations, theories, rumours. In fact, more than once the actor, despite the fact that he always stayed away from scandals, was related to different women. Well, since he began to be known throughout the world, not only did his career grow, but also his popularity among Hollywood leading men.

So much so that knowing about their relationships was essential for most of their fans. However, last year and after several months of gossip, Henry Cavill confirmed his relationship with Natalie Viscuso. At first this woman was completely unknown, but later details about her were known: she is the vice president Legendary Pictureswhich is why he was able to meet Cavill.

This production house was in charge of the development of Enola Holmes, where the actor was the interpreter of Sherlock Holmes and shared the screen with Millie Bobby Brown. Even so, beyond the fact that their relationship was made public, both have decided to continue with their low profile. Little is known about their intimacy, to the point that the only thing that was leaked is how they met. What’s more, they don’t even appear so close together on social networks, where neither of them is so active.

In any case, the truth is that now Cavill has not been able to keep his pride in his privacy and has decided to express his happiness to his girlfriend. “I couldn’t be more proud to be your man, my love.”, the interpreter wrote on Viscuso’s Instagram account. The reason for his joy has to do with the fact that Natalie just announced that she left Legendary Pictures to become the vice president of Vertigo Entertainment. A change that, according to what he said, was very difficult.

That is why Henry, who was her great pillar in this process of change, did not hesitate to be just as happy as her. And, with this little expression of love, the actor destroys any possibility of crisis rumors. It is that, the fact of not being shown in networks led them to be the target of separation speculations, but clearly, everything is more than good between the two of them.

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