Henrique and Juliano’s show ends after widespread fight in honor of Marília Mendonça

A general fight made Henrique and Juliano finish the show early they were doing at UZNA, a concert hall in Sorocaba, São Paulo. During a tribute to Marília Mendonça, when they sang the song “Flor e o Beija-Flor”, a song that already made Maiara cry with longing for her friend, the artists were taken by surprise by the confusion.

“They didn’t even respect the prayer that Henrique makes during Marília’s part. Henrique and Juliano did the right thing in ending the show and leaving”, opined an internet user who filmed the beginning of the confusion. Another fan of the duo recorded the moment when Henrique was almost attacked during the fight, which spread throughout the place. “They almost attacked Henrique, they knocked down his microphone. The fight ended up on the stage. Total disrespect for those who are there to do the show and for those who paid to see Henrique and Juliano”, he lamented.

After trying all the time to get the confusion under control, without success, Henrique decreed: “The show is over”. See the videos below!

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