Henrik Qvortrup cuts a million from the price

Six months have now cost Henrik Qvortrup and Nanna Qvortrup a million kroner.

As is well known, Ekstra Bladet’s former editor-in-chief and his wife only managed to spend half a year in their mansion in Frederiksberg before they put it up for sale.

And now a whole million has been cut from the price of the 166 completely renovated square meters, writes See&Hear.

Back in the summer, Henrik Qvortrup and Nanna Qvortrup gave 12 million for their shared home in Frederiksberg.

Nanna and Henrik Qvortrup bought their shared Frederiksberg apartment, while Qvortrup was editor-in-chief at Ekstra Bladet. Now it is for sale.

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But quickly a symbolic 5,000 kroner fell off the price, and now the for sale sign reads 10,995,000 kroner to take over the view from one of the mansion’s apartments on the fourth floor’s two balconies.

So it can probably be felt on the wallet of the Qvortrup couple that the apartment was acquired at the top of a falling housing market.

Last month, however, Henrik Qvortrup refused to tell BT in more detail about the reasons behind the rapid replacement.

However, it is no secret that there have been upheavals in private life since the 59-year-old father of six and his 15-year-younger wife, Nanna Qvortrup, formerly Thoustrup, acquired the luxury apartment for 12 million with occupancy in July 2022.

Just one month after he told about the purchase in March, he was fired from Ekstra Bladet, where he had been editor-in-chief for almost a year at a probably quite high salary.

Previously, he has revealed that the annual salary was seven figures – i.e. at least one million kroner. But whether a new economic situation is the reason for the sale, Henrik Qvortrup did not want to say.

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