Henning Merten: Wife Denise can be very jealous

Jealousy is still an issue. In July 2021 the time had come – Henning (31) and Denise Merten (31) said yes to each other a year after their engagement. They let their fans participate in their big day online. Just a few months after the wedding, however, the first quirks came to light. in the celebrity flashinterview, Henning now revealed that last year it turned out that denise can be quite jealous.

“Jealousy is just very big. First I had to assert myself that I could go partying at all.”the father of three chatted on the sidelines of Eric Sindermann’s (33) release party celebrity flash out of. Nevertheless, there have hardly been any quarrels since they walked down the aisle. Henning can also understand that his wife is jealous from time to time. “I’m just a cool guy,” said the 31-year-old with a laugh.

But why has denise Are you struggling with your jealousy from time to time? “Well, Henning likes to be in Malle in the Bierkönig,” explained the 31-year-old. She knows from her own experience that there are many women who think their husbands are great. “I’m temperamental. I take good care of what I have. I’ll protect it.”the former bachelor candidate clarified.

Henning and Denise Merten at Dr.Sindsen's release party

ActionPress/ Wehnert, Matthias

Henning and Denise Merten at Dr.Sindsen’s release party
Henning and Denise Merten, March 2022

Instagram / denise_merten

Henning and Denise Merten, March 2022
Henning and Denise Merten, 2020

Instagram / henning.merten

Henning and Denise Merten, 2020

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