Hen party gifts: 17 ideas for nice gifts for the bachelor party

One of your friends or relatives is about to have their bachelorette party and you are not sure whether you need to give something and if so, what? GALA has the answer.

The bachelorette party is one of the oldest traditions around the topic of marriage. In the meantime, however, bachelor parties are at least as popular as bachelor parties, which are still celebrated in this country. While the prospective bridal couple traditionally only specifies the day when this should take place, it is up to the guests to organize everything else. Do you still need a present?

Hen party gifts: yes or no?

Large gifts are not necessary for the bachelorette party. Instead, you should rely on small gifts, such as something to eat and drink or decoration (e.g balloons or lanterns) for the right mood – and a nice photo motif. Speaking of photos: Alternatively, take care of the photos with the help of polaroid cameras or disposable cameras. With which the photos can be printed out so that they can be placed in a guest book can be stuck to the engaged couple with a nice note.

Of course you can also fall back on classic souvenirs:

  • Porcelain such as plates or toilet bowls
  • Ceramic items such as tiles
  • earthenware
  • or flower pots

In general, a gift for a bachelorette party does not have to be expensive, but can cost between 20 and 100 euros – depending on requirements.

Nicely packaged gifts of money for the bachelorette party

Small gifts of money, especially from close friends and relatives, are also a way to please the newlyweds.

Attach to plants

The classic packaging for money gifts are plants. Small ones are particularly good here rose bushes or chrysanthemums, which symbolize happiness and are therefore perfect for a soon-to-be married couple.

Hide in the dollhouse

Another way to cleverly wrap the money is with a small doll house, which symbolizes the future of the couple. You can either build one yourself using instructions, or order a classic dollhouse with subtle furnishings.

Classic in the glass

If you are not a fan of handicrafts or creatively inclined, a Jar, which you can decorate pretty. For example, with artificial flowers, a colorful gift ribbon and a small card with congratulations. Here you can also choose a theme such as the honeymoon, so a small cash injection – even if it’s just for a nice dinner – wouldn’t hurt. For example, you could use the glass with Shellfish and sand decorate or stick small palm tree stickers on the glass.

In a balloon

Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations such as the bachelorette party – a balloon filled with banknotes Always makes a good gift and is even ideal if you want to give someone else some money.

Make a garland out of it

If you are keen on handicrafts, then you can conjure up one out of the banknotes, which you fold several times and tie together in the middle garland. It can then be decorated beads or balloonswhich are knotted between the banknotes.

More gift ideas for the bachelorette party

gift basket

A gift basket may seem impersonal at first glance, but with little treats that the bridal couple likes or a few beauty productsit can become a really nice gift that the couple will enjoy.

Personalized household items

You can never have enough household items. Particularly wooden boards for preparing meals or simply for dinner are a must-have for every household. And they’re perfect for personalizing with either the engaged couple’s names, the wedding date, or the date they first met. Of course you can also leave a small personal message or congratulations on the board.

Photo shooting

Photos are always nice keepsakes. So give the couple a gift Photo shooting, which they can perceive as a newly married couple. Alternatively or in addition, you can give a photo album in which the bride and groom can sort the photos after the celebrations.

lucky charm

There can never be enough happiness, which is why a lucky charm for the wedding and the years together as a married couple are also a nice souvenir. For example, how about one horseshoe or one Keychain with a cloverleaf? So the bridal couple always carries happiness with them.

New porcelain crockery set

Traditionally, old china is broken at a bachelorette party in order to get rid of old baggage when it comes to starting a new life together. But when you break away from the old, you also need something new to replace it. Therefore a beautiful crockery set the perfect gift for the bachelorette party – of course it won’t be broken!

candle holder

Candles provide romantic light – especially around the time of the wedding, it underlines the mood, for example when the newlywed couple spends hours together at home. A candle holder, lanterns or lanterns are not only beautiful and warm sources of light, but also a decorative addition to the interior.

spa day

Time for two and enjoying the peace and quiet is not that easy these days, because everyday life catches up with you faster than you would like. A spa day, where the smartphone is left in the locker, can lead to relaxation again. Especially after all the wedding stress, this is the ideal way to find your center again and to help the bridal couple start their married life exuberantly.

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