“Help me, you are threatening me”: the message written on a bank paper that saved a kidnapped man

Media chilean disclosed the case of a kidnapped man who was rescued inside a bank located in the city of Puente Alto. The fact was revealed after the victim wrote in a bank document “Help me, you are threatening me.”

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Last Monday, the subject was approached by two criminals and transferred to a camp in Bajos de Mena. At the scene, he was detained against his will, his face was covered and his hands and feet were tied.

The individuals told him that he should collaborate with them to achieve their release, so the victim agreed to their requests. Thus, he was taken to a local bank to make a transfer of 40 million pesos (almost 50 thousand US dollars).

The moment the victim asks a cashier for help

In the establishment, the man had to fill out a paper to request the money, but without his attackers noticing he wrote “It has me threatening. Help me (sic)”.

Immediately, the cashier who attended him notified the authorities, who arrived at the premises and were able to arrest one of the criminals when he tried to escape.

Now, Carabineros is conducting the investigation of the case to clarify what happened and to find out if there are more involved.

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