“Help me”: The curious message that the groom wrote on his shoes before getting married

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A wedding in Mexico became a trend due to a detail that did not go unnoticed. It all started when the user Esmeralda Rodríguez (@esmeraldarodriguez.13) used the social networks to publish the ‘mischief’ that her now husband committed during the wedding day.

Esmeralda and her partner were about to meet “Yes I accept”but, in the middle of the religious ceremony, a subliminal message in each of the boy’s shoes caught the attention of friends and relatives.

“Help me”

According to the images uploaded by the girlfriend herself, the man wrote the words ‘help’ and ‘me’ (‘help me’ in Spanish) on the sole of the shoe. Despite the fact that the small notice could have hundreds of meanings, several Internet users assured that the young man did this to see if any guest at the wedding would stop the celebration.

@esmeraldarodriguez.13 He asked for it and it hurts that no one could help him 🤭 #weddingmexico #labodadelhuitlacoche #jalostotitlanjalisco ♬ whoever uses this audio is normal – el_neis

Apparently, no one had the audacity to interrupt the wedding and the unique moment was immortalized. Even Esmeralda took the situation quite humorously. “He asked for it and it’s a shame no one could help him”indicated in the description.

“No one knew English”

As expected, the clip quickly generated an avalanche of reactions. Many people made hilarious comments. “No one knew English and no one could save him”, said a netizen. While another argued: “That’s more than enough to make your marriage invalid.”

what do you do at a wedding

In Mexican territory, couples usually have big parties after getting married. In addition to offering a wide variety of food and drinks to those present, they provide music for everyone to dance to.

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