Helle Thorning-Schmidt cheers over Tessa video: ‘Time has passed from stupid sexism’

You go girl!

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Helle Thorning-Schmidt cheers on rapper Tessa, who in a new video delivers a singing slap to ‘X Factor’ judge Thomas Blachman.

“If I fucked you, you would have a cardiac arrest,” says Tessa.

And that sentence is right in the closet, if you ask Denmark’s former prime minister.

‘I was so happy and relieved yesterday (Tuesday, ed.) When Tessa posted it. It was fun and straight to the point. I think it was cool, “says Helle Thorning-Schmidt to BT and elaborates:



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“Time has passed since it became so stupidly sexist. Now one can answer without being called angry and stuffy. It’s also cool that even if you have not said anything at the moment, you can still make a comeback later if you still go and think about it, “she says.

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She even was with that night for the Zulu Awards in the spring of 2021, which kickstarted the whole crisis between Blachman and Tessa. During the show, an apparently affected Blachman said, “I’m in the phone book. Come and bang me, my beloved, ‘to Tessa. But it was nothing for the rapper, who now calls Blachman ‘pig bass’ and ‘great-grandfather’.

According to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who herself has been in one of Tessa’s music videos, Blachman’s behavior is reminiscent of that of an old, drunk uncle.

“Everyone heard it that night. But I think it’s a relic of old times that you just shrug your shoulders and say, ‘It’s just Blachman, it’s an old drunk uncle’. And then it goes on, “explains Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

It should be over now.

»The comment was very inappropriate. For many reasons. Tessa is a younger woman and he has a certain position in the societal debate. And in the industry. And she was nominated in the same category. It is also not customary to bury someone you are in the category with. In any case, it is inappropriate, and we do not bother to stare at it anymore, “says Thorning-Schmidt.

She believes that TV 2 should have cut out Blachman’s comment afterwards. The program was not broadcast live.

»I do not understand why TV 2 brought it. They did not need that, they could have just cut the program. TV 2 should have cut it and asked Blachman to give her an apology. I think they did it because they thought it was fun. And because Blachman is in ‘X Factor’, ‘she says.

Channel manager on TV 2 Dorthe Thirstrup admitted at the time that Blachman’s speech was over the limit. According to her, Blachman had given Tessa an apology. But it tells Tessa that she has never received.

‘He may have given a public apology, but not to her. You have to make it the person, “says Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

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