Hellbound, su Netflix in streaming da oggi

Hellbound, the new Korean series signed by the author of the cult Train to Busan, arrives on Netflix in streaming starting today, November 19, 2021!

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Netflix released the South Korean series Hellbound, a six-episode fantasy-horror premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, available in streaming from today 19 November 2021!

Hellbound is a six-episode fantasy-horror directed by Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho. Here is what we read in the synopsis: “One day you will receive a message from an unknown sender. The message will only include your name, the fact that you are going to hell and the time you have left to live. When time runs out, supernatural beings manifest to condemn you to hell. hell. In the midst of social chaos and growing hysteria, people must find a way to survive this inexplicable terror. “

Hellbound: a still photo

According to when anticipated, in the series the supernatural makes its appearance in the world to condemn people to hell. It doesn’t matter if these events are a blessing or a curse: a new religious group interprets them all as the will of the divine. What develops in this situation is an intense choral story centered on a group of people trying to survive in conditions of total social chaos. Hellbound is an adaptation of the popular Korean webtoon Hell, which has been very successful at home. Leading the cast of the show is Burning star Yoo Ah-in.

Hellbound is just one of the many novelties in the catalog in November 2021 on Netflix, which also this month made available to users new awaited TV series, memorable sagas and great cult.

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