Hellbound: Powerful Reasons to Watch Netflix’s New K-Drama

Why watch Hellbound or Rumbo Al Infierno on Netflix? The horror story directed by Yeon Sang Ho will not let you sleep, not only with its shocking scenes, but also with doubts about its characters.

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Without fear of being wrong, we can say that 2021 has completely changed the power of Korean content. After The Squid Game, a Netflix arrives Heading to Hell, a shocking, terrifying 6-part series that once again sets the world’s eyes on the Hallyu Wave.

Hellbound is the adaptation of a webtoon by name HELL written by Yeon Sang Ho and illustrated by Choi Gyuseok, brought to the screen under the direction of its creator, who received much praise for his work in Train to Busan.

Is there good and evil? What is the nature of man in the midst of chaos? These and other unknowns are posed by the story of Hellbound or Rumbo Al Infierno by Netflix, then we will tell you why it is an unmissable series.

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Why can’t you miss out on the K-horror drama Hellbound on Netflix?

The distribution from korean series is starring Yoo Ah In, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Yang Ik Joon and Won Jin Ah, being a team capable of transmitting the real feelings of their characters.

  • The story of Heading to Hell:

The plot revolves around the arrival of a creatures or demons to Earth “The executioners of hell”, people die at the hands of these beings and apparently they come from hell. In the midst of the chaos, the Korean sects gain strength, one of them The New Society of Truth, who are they and what is the explanation they give to these events?

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  • It’s a very intense series:

It is a series in which things are happening all the time, like turns of the history, sinister actions of the characters and so it’s great for those viewers looking for a production that will keep them on the edge of their seat.

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  • You can see it in a few hours:

Since the first season of the Korean drama has 6 chaptersIt is very quick to finish watching it, although in the end it will be a bittersweet experience, because you will have to wait for the second installment to discover the truth of these gloomy beings.

  • Hellbound promises to be another Korean hit on Netflix:

With the general public’s attention on Korean content, Hellbound comes at a key moment for the Ola Hallyu, already placing itself on the trend list of the most viewed series on Netflix.

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