Hellbound on Netflix: what is this series from the director of Last Train to Busan?

After “Squid Game” and the global phenomenon it spawned, we tell you all about “Hellbound”, a new Netflix series straight from South Korea. So, what to expect from this fantastico-horrific new program?

Hellbound : What is it about ?

Hellbound revolves around a particularly strong narrative and dramatic premise. Thus, monsters appear in Korea – and in particular in Seoul – to announce to certain beings the date of their death. But that’s not all ! The unfortunate are as warned as on that day, those who come to pick them up will take them straight to Hell.

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The capital sinks into terror without further delay. The police do not know where to turn and panic sets in the streets of the city. But beware, not all locals seem to be so scared than that of the repulsive creatures which now tread the Earth. On the contrary, many see them as “angels”. The appearance of these disturbing silhouettes then splits the population in two. If some define them as the envoys of the Almighty, others take their courage in both hands and decide to investigate on these mysterious and frightening colossi.

Hellbound ©Netflix

It does not take long to learn that the most assiduous defenders of the arrival on Earth of creatures are none other than the members of a strange religious sect, a movement called “New Truth”. the leader of the small group affirms that the apparitions accomplish divine justice, nothing more. DuringHellbound, we will follow in particular the career of a police officer, a journalist and a lawyer. All come together around a common goal: they try to trace the origin of the arrival of the “angels” in our world, but also to determine the role that the sect could play in this whole affair.

Hellbound : with who ?

In the cast of the series, we find Yoo Ah-in (Burning), Park Jeong-min (Deliver us from evil), Kim Hyun-joo (Tenants), Yang Ik-june (A Quiet Dream) or Won Jin-a (Long live the king).

Originally, Hellbound is actually a webtoon written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho. If the name of this filmmaker is unknown to you, you must have heard about his feature films! Among them, the acclaimed Last train to Busan as well as Peninsula, his “sequel” released in 2020, but also the action film Psychokinesis. To come back to the famous “webtoon” created by the filmmaker, know that this term designates a form of comic strip – or “manhwa” – intended to be read or “scrolled” on a smartphone. Particularly famous in Korea, the genre has united millions of readers for a few years. Yeon Sang-ho is therefore logically at the head of the serial adaptation of his webtoon, which has been very successful since its publication in 2019!

Hellbound ©Netflix

For the record, the pilot of Hellbound was broadcast in preview at the Toronto International Film Festival, a first for a Korean series! As recently as last month, he also moved on to the Busan International Film Festival.

Where and when to watch the series?

You will be able to dive into the fantastic and mysterious universe ofHellbound from November 19 on Netflix ! The first season of the program, composed of six episodes, will be available in full on the platform with the red logo.

Then, seduced by the original pitch to say the least of this new South Korean series?

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