Hellbound on Netflix: Do monsters have a moral?

Released a few days ago on Netflix, Hellbound is a South Korean series that may well have the potential to dethrone Squid Game. For now, the show is having excellent audiences on the streaming platform, in several countries around the world. If Netflix has still not spoken about a potential season 2, the first episodes ofHellbound leave us with several unanswered questions. We wonder in particular if someone or something is hiding behind this strange phenomenon during which monsters come to suck the soul of a convict. Whether that is the case or not, humans might work things out if they can figure out how creatures work.

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Hellbound — Crédit(s) : Netflix

One wonders if black smoke monsters are really bad. Sure, they do condemn people who are visibly innocent, but if Ms. Park’s soul was actually brought back into her own body and if she wasn’t a demon, it could mean that the creatures might have a moral. . Realizing that she had only done good around her throughout her life, they were able to decide to bring her back to life.. If for the moment, this is only a theory, another intrigue can allow us to wonder about their true intentions.

Remember, a just born infant was also condemned to hell by the angel of death. As everyone has notified, it is impossible that such a young being is already a fisherman when there is nothing purer or more innocent than a baby.. When his time came, both of his parents surrounded him to protect him, and miraculously, it worked. The monsters captured the soul of his parents but allowed the baby to live. What should we understand? Does it work because there was a sacrifice? Can we reverse the order of things if the motive is accepted? If humans can figure out how this strange prophecy works, they may be able to stop it all. Of course, it all depends on Netflix’s willingness to renew Hellbound for a season 2!

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