Hellbound on Netflix: After Squid Game, what is the new South Korean series worth? Our verdict

A few weeks ago, Netflix unveiled the trailer forHellbound, his new South Korean series in which angels of death came to earth to lead damned souls to hell. This show, directed by the author of the film Last Train to Busan has the potential to dethrone Squid Game and we’ll explain why. On the synopsis side, here is first what to expect with Hellbound : “As humans discover the possibility of anticipating their own death, angels are tasked with sending those who use this gift directly to hell. For some, these angels are the envoys of God, while others wish to investigate them. real origin “. Melty saw the first three episodes of this supernatural series and here is our verdict.

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Hellbound Trailer – Credit (s): Netflix

From the start, Hellbound knows how to capture the attention of his spectators. We see a man looking at a count on his cell phone and we quickly understand that the hour of his death has come. Then arrive strange creatures, resembling monsters made of black smoke, which some however call “angels” or “demigods”. The latter have only one mission: to capture the soul of the damned in question, which after their passage, will find himself charred. As their interventions begin to make the rounds of social networks and the media, two groups are more and more talked about: the first sees itself as a religious cult called The New Truth and decrypts these phenomena as a message from God while that the members of La Pointe de Flèche are there to punish the culprits before the creatures arrive. At the same time, the police are investigating the leaders of these groups to find out how they can be so informed about these paranormal phenomena. Hellbound has enormous potential due to its lack of a particular genre: one has both the impression of being in front of a post-apocalyptic thriller as in front of a drama against a background of mythology which explores the notion of good and evil.

Hellbound — Crédit(s) : Netflix

If in three episodes, we don’t really have time to focus on the characters, the plot of Hellbound keeps going all the way. The scenario makes you want to know more about the origin of these angels of death who came to capture the damned souls, some time after having warned them of the date and time of their deaths. In addition, the mystery surrounding the President of the collective of The New Truth, Jin-soo, allows to maintain a certain suspense. especially after one of her biggest secrets was revealed. Hellbound invites us to discover a singular universe, which does not look like any other project in particular, even if certain themes explored may make one think of those of Black Mirror. The series has been available since November 19 on Netflix and we strongly recommend that you watch it to form your own opinion! In an equally violent register, the showrunner of Squid Game explains why some scenes are so trashy.

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We liked:

  • A unique universe explored

  • Convincing special effects

  • Gender mix

  • Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, Last Train showrunner for Busan

We didn’t like:

  • Little attachment to the characters

If you are a fan of horror thrillers in the post-apocalyptic era, Hellbound should give you complete satisfaction. The plot plunges us into a world of chaos, in which men and women guilty of crimes are preparing to have a first glimpse of hell even before being condemned there.

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