Hellbound on Netflix: A season 2 to be expected? The creator responds

After Squid Game, the new South Korean series signed Netflix is ​​a hit. Hellbound has been placed, since its release, in the Top of the most viewed content of the platform. It tells of how a strange prophecy condemns people, guilty of heinous acts or not, to die. An angel of death warns them of the day and time of their death before the time comes, terrible black smoke monsters come to capture their souls. If at the end of season 1, Hellbound leaves us with lots of unanswered questions, should we expect a follow-up? Yeon Sang Ho, the creator of the series but also of the films Last train to Busan or Peninsula, responds frankly.

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Hellbound — Crédit(s) : Netflix

As he reveals to Koreabizwire, he would like to design a sequel but “so far nothing has been confirmed and we have no plans for a season 2”. Yeon Sang Ho explains, however, that discussions with Netflix should take place soon. Il nevertheless prefer to warn fans ofHellbound that it is possible that future episodes land on another streaming platform : “Since this is an original manga, the intellectual property (IP) rights belong to me and to screenwriter Choi. If Netflix doesn’t make Season 2, it may be broadcast by other platforms. It was my first job with Netflix and it was very successful, but if I do it again with Netflix, I won’t take a similar approach. “

If he decides to do a season 2 on his side, he would like to do a sequel in the form of a webtoon : “It’s not whether or not there will be a live-action season 2 of the series, but the original webtoon writer, Choi Gyu Seok, and I have talked about continuing the Hellbound story under shaped like a webtoon. We may be able to publish the comics online in the second half of next year. “. In view of the enthusiasm aroundHellbound, we imagine that Netflix will do its best to convince the creator to continue the adventure with the platform. While waiting to learn more about the fate of the series, find out which scene went too far in the eyes of fans.

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