Hellbound-like dramas full of terror and mystery

Netflix is ​​taking its audience to stories that seem unrepeatable, as with Hellbound that thanks to its incredible plot, steals all the attention, what dramas do you see when you finish this series? There are some who maintain the same emotion and mystery.

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With only 6 episodes, Hellbound has managed to completely captivate the entire audience, this series of Netflix It is about a mysterious prophecy in which humanity is exterminated as the angels of death come to Earth to take everyone to hell.

There’s a lot terror and a great mystery behind ‘Hellbound’, something that causes a lot of emotion in the public that cannot help but admire this drama and he waits impatiently for a second season to be announced and thus continue to enjoy his story.

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Perhaps the strong emotions that accompany each episode of ‘Hellbound’ is what generates the most impact on the fans of the series and is that it can take us on a journey full of unimaginable moments for reality; Will we have more of this K-Drama?

Well, in what we wait for a second season, you can see some doramas similares a Hellbound that also have great mystery and in which humanity is in great danger as it happens in this drama.

5 doramas similar to Hellbound that you can watch

  • Sweet Home
    Year: 2020
    Made by: Song Kang and Lee Do Hyun

This K-Drama is about a boy who obtains special and supernatural powers after a suicide attempt, with these new gifts he can help his neighbors, as humanity is fighting against demons that intend to end life on earth.

Póster de Sweet Home | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Sight Sweet Home which also has great terror and mystery for you.

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  • Alice In Borderland
    Year: 2020
    Made by: Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya and Keita Machida

Although, perhaps in this we will not find a religious cult, there will be a lot of mystery and horrifying deaths as in ‘Hellbound’; It is about 3 friends who arrive in a parallel world where they must enter certain games, using their intelligence, strength and feelings they must survive them and get all the cards in the poker deck to be able to leave.

You can see ‘Alice In Borderland’ that will impress you with its history.

  • Save Me
    Year: 2017
    Made by: Taecyeon and Woo Do Hwan

In this drama we meet a girl who asks for help in a neighborhood, several men come to her call and try to help her only to realize that she is trapped in a strange and mysterious cult that leads them to horrifying experiences.

Póster de Save Me | Twitter: @chanwoo_actor

  • Arthdal Chronicles
    Year: 2019
    Made by: Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun |

In this drama we find death and tension, maybe it is a little different from Hellbound and they could seem different themes, but its atmosphere will end up catching you like ‘Hellbound’ did.

Sight ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ and discover more of its history.

  • Squid Games
    Year: 2021
    Made by: Lee Jung Jae | and Jung Hoyeon

If you have not seen this drama, I do not know what you expect, it has mystery and deaths as we find in Hellbound, although its dynamics are different as contestants gather to participate in some games to the death and win a juicy prize that everyone expects.

Póster de Squid Game | Twitter: @theseoulstory

You can see ‘Squid Game’ if you missed this great series.

There are many more horror and mystery dramas to enlarge your watchlist, here we have more recommendations for you.

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