Hélène Ségara: suffering from a rare eye disease, she decided to talk about it openly

In a recent interview with Evening Mag, singer Hélène Ségara gave news of her health, she who suffers from a rare eye disease. If the interpreter of “ There are too many people who love you is doing well, she has decided to silence the criticisms and rumors circulating about her health.

The star, who had to undergo heavy cortisone treatmentsexplaining his weight gain and his face sometimes appearing “ puffy “says that his condition today is” steady “. “I had the shame not to talk about these subjects and, therefore, articles were written by people who did not know what I was going through. I had other battles to fight than that of justifying myself. But I’m still a human being and it hurt me »she thinks a posteriori.

But rather than undergo these displays on his private life, often inaccurate and indelicate,Hélène Ségara has decided to talk about it more, openly. “ When you spend a lot of time in the hospital, it is better open the chapter yourself by checking it rather than letting people grab information they don’t know “, she said to Evening Mag. The 52-year-old singer also deplores that “ dozens of items have been written about his pathology, even though “ no one has found out so far [qu’elle a] Really “.

The singer also spoke of her friend Florent Pagny, suffering from inoperable lung cancer, who himself chose to discuss his illness in full transparency. If she intends to follow his example on this subject, Hélène Ségara intends to take advantage of it to encourage a noble cause: highlighting the association. Imflam’Oeil, which she has supported for several years. This is the first French patient association suffering from uveitis and recurrent ocular inflammation. “ At one point, I decided to put my cards on the table, but on one condition: OK, I talk about my health but then you mention and support my association! “, she wanted to clarify.

Every year, Hélène Ségara tackles a wardrobe sale where her belongings are sold at auction, and the funds donated to associations that are close to her heart. In 2022, she had chosen Inflam’Oeil.

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