Hélène Ségara: her slimming secret to find a size 36

Monday, July 25, Hélène Ségara was invited on M6 on the set of the show “Who can beat us?”. Viewers may have noticed the thinner silhouette of the singer after years of yo-yoing on the scale.

At 51, Hélène Ségara told Télé Star weight loss secrets. “I followed a food program [via Weight Watchers, NDLR]and I’m proud of it”. She also told Gala that his weight was now stabilized: “I can have a slice of pizza without panicking, because I know how to restore my nutritional balance. It’s a question of dosage, not of deprivation”.

The singer has been the target of many criticisms grossophobes. She suffered from a major weight gain following cortisone treatment destined to fight against an autoimmune disease. She was the target of many comments attacking her physique, on social networks she also thanked her fans for their support: “I was overwhelmed by all your thousands of messages of support and those of some of my friends. artists who knew my proofs…”. Before adding: “Even if I do not have power over the events that affect me and their consequences, even if I do not have power over certain bitter and ignorant comments, even if I have chosen to fight with dignity and secrecy so as never to position myself as a victim”.

Because of this ordeal, she was also forced to cancel certain concerts of her tour during the winter: “My new treatment being long and tiring, it would unfortunately be unreasonable and exhausting for me to chain too many concerts in same week. I know how disappointing this news is for some of you who have been supporting me for so long but you have no idea how difficult it is for me to accept this.”

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