Helene Fischer: Helene Fischer separates from a companion

The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Helene Fischer separates from longtime companion +++ Maite Kelly is already out of breath after the first song on “The Giovanni Zarrella Show”.

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16. November 2021

Helene Fischer is planning a tour – without this companion

Helene Fischer, 37, recently delighted her fans with great news: The Schlager Queen is going on a big live tour. She plans to give a total of 70 concerts in 14 cities between March and October 2023. The shows should “offer an experience that has never been seen before,” she promises in the announcement. In this major project, however, she is to forego a long-term companion in the future.

As “Bild” reports, the singer is separating from tour organizer Dieter Semmelmann of the company “Semmel Concerts” after 13 years of collaboration. “After 13 years of successful cooperation, Helene Fischer informed us that she did not want to implement her next tour project with Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH. We respect this decision and wish the artist all the best,” he explains.

The 37-year-old should already have a “new one”: Tour organizer Marek Lieberberg. He is not only behind the legendary annual festival “Rock am Ring”, but has also organized tours of international superstars such as Madonna, Celine Dion and Bruce Springsteen in the past.

15.  November 2021

Maite Kelly’s appearance on Giovanni Zarrella’s hit show causes astonishment

This performance by Maite Kelly, 41, clearly cost the singer strength. At the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” on Saturday, November 13th, 2021, the musician had the great honor of opening the Schlagerfest after Zarrella with her song “I stand for it” – one of three performances that Maite Kelly performed that evening. But already after the first stage appearance, she visibly struggles with her breathing. And that although she is said to have received musical help from a playback.

Was it not because of the exertion of the performance? After her performance, Giovanni Zarrella, 43, welcomed Maite Kelly warmly and gasps: “Your stage … I have to say, the floor here with you is as smooth as glass. Last time I was so afraid of flying down. ” After that, the musician kept trying to regulate her breathing in short sentences. Maite Kelly shouldn’t have a problem with her stamina right now. In an interview with the moderator, she explained that she had done “endless sports” to prepare for her tour. Jogging would also be part of their exercise routine. “I sing while jogging. That means if I’m in Munich tomorrow and some crazy woman walks past you and she sings – that’s me,” joked the 41-year-old, but it only caused even more astonishment among the fans.

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