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May 13, 2022

Team Helene Fischer keeps her fans happy on Instagram

It’s been a long time since Helene Fischer, 37, addressed her fans personally on Instagram. Nevertheless, the followers draw hope with every new post and believe that Helene lets her community get close to her. But they are disappointed this time too, and the latest post is a reason to celebrate. “We are united by a piece of infinity, every dream of ours should be eternal. We celebrate an anniversary! 5 years ago today, Helene released her album of the same name ‘Helene Fischer’ as the seventh studio album,” reads next to the clip. Under the supposedly personal contribution is once again: “Your team Helene”.

The fans are disappointed that the singer does not write all her posts herself. A user writes: “Boaaaah my heart hey …. every time .. And then I see ‘Team Helene’, I can’t do it anymore.” Others agree with the words “Me too” and “I feel the same way”. Voices are also raised among the most recent posts. “When will there finally be a few personal words from Helene and not from ‘Team Helene’? A follower wants to know.

However, many Schlager fans are not discouraged and this time they are again with full enthusiasm. When asked by “Team Helene” which song they could not live without, they are happy to comment. The fan opinions differ: The favorites apparently include “When you laugh”, “Roller Coaster” and “Only with you”.

May 11, 2022

Giovanni Zarrella talks about a dark phase in his past

Two successful careers, one great love: in 2004, singer Giovanni Zarrella, 44, and model Jana Ina, 45, met. The wedding followed in 2005, and two children make the dream couple perfect. But not everything went smoothly at the beginning. The entertainer now spoke to “t-online” about difficult phases in his life.

The reason for his down: the breakup with Bro’Sis. The “Popstars” band, which emerged from the second season in 2001, was able to celebrate great success. Indira Weis, 42, left in 2003, the group performed together for the last time in 2005, and in 2006 the remaining members finally split up. After the end of Bro’Sis, Giovanni Zarrella didn’t know what to do with himself at first and experienced frustrating years. “It was demoralizing not really knowing if I would ever get out of this spiral or not.” The musician was alone, “hadn’t set up a network”. About the dark chapter of his past he says: “It was over for the time being. For two or three years nothing progressed at all and I was caught in a downward spiral. I was allowed to experience such a high. Then everything was taken away from me again. It was certainly the darkest Time of my life.” Jana Ina gave Giovanni support and showed a way out. “If I had to go through this hole without a partner like her, it wouldn’t have been easy. Love was a good distraction for me,” he says.

Today the 44-year-old is more successful than ever. With his entertainment program “The Giovanni Zarrella Show”, which runs prime time on Saturday evenings, he brings strong ratings and great reviews. The live show is tailored to the successful singer and presenter – and a real TV treat for all Schlager fans.

May 10, 2022

Patricia Kelly: Her 18-year-old son Iggi enjoys living with girlfriend Eske

He is Mama’s pride and apparently already has his life under control: Iggi Kelly, 18, left the home nest a year ago and probably caused Mama Patricia Kelly, 52, a few sleepless nights at first. But the up-and-coming musician from the bosom of the famous “Kelly Family” has now proven that he can stand on his own two feet. Musically, things are going well for the talented singer, and apparently he couldn’t be happier in his private life either: at the sweet age of 17, he moved in with his girlfriend Eske Hohlen.

“We both develop on our own path and support each other there. It’s great to have such support,” he explains to “Promiflash” and is happy that everyday life has not yet swallowed up her young love. “I’m surprised myself that it’s still as lively as it was at the beginning.” Maybe it’s also because Iggi learned to take responsibility a few years ago. “I was self-employed very early on, because I’ve been on tour before, and I’ve done a lot myself,” says the musician. A stroke of luck for Eske! “I can do laundry, I can cook, I know how to do everything around the house,” says the 18-year-old proudly. It seems Patricia Kelly did everything right with her offspring.

May 9, 2022

Matthias Reim congratulates his son Julian on his success

Matthias Reim, 64, has just become a father for the seventh time. Girlfriend Christin Stark, 32, gave birth to a girl at the end of March. But not only the youngest, Baby Zoe, ensures Matthias Reims pure fatherly happiness, his other children also make the singer proud. Son Julian, 26, even follows in his musical footsteps. Together with Christin Stark, he released his debut album “In meine Kopf” on Friday, May 6, 2022. In his music, the artist addresses, among other things, his generalized anxiety disorder, which he suffered from at times.

Matthias Reim announced the news on his Instagram account. “Happy Release Day, Julian. I’m very proud of you! And you friends listen to Julian Reim’s debut album. I think it’s a successful disc,” he writes about a father-son selfie. The fans enjoy the harmonious sight. “So nice when parents and children have grown together,” says one user and another enthuses “What a beautiful photo”.

Oli.P: Touching message to his late mother

For Oliver Petszokat, 43, better known by the stage name Oli.P, every Mother’s Day is painful. The actor and musician lost his mother Renate in 2021, she died after a long illness at the age of 69. Despite the loss, the father of one son remains positive, seeing his mother’s life rather than death. “Sometimes I still talk to my mother in the presence or want to call her. I see that as a good sign, because it shows how deep my love for her was and is,” the ex-GZSZ star once revealed in an interview with ” colourful”.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day on May 8, 2022, Oli.P dedicated touching lines to his mother on Instagram. “Love you mum I miss you so much I hope you’re always watching… The first Mother’s Day when our hearts just come together in a different way… [sic]”Wrote the 43-year-old to the black and white photo that shows him at his mother’s side.

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