Heitor Lourenço “speechless” for the death of the 3-year-old girl: “There is no reason for violence. What animals are we?”

The case is shocking the country. Jessica, a 3-year-old girl, died this Monday, June 20th, after being beaten by her nanny, her daughter and her partner, who kept the little girl in their house for five days, due to an alleged debt that mother would have for this family

Jessica was handed over to her mother with injuries to her face and bruises on her body and, in the middle of the afternoon, she was taken to the hospital, where she couldn’t resist.

On social media, many public figures have expressed their anger at the case, one of them Heitor Lourenço. The actor shared an outburst in the Stories of his Instagram account, where he revealed to be “speechless”.

“Wordless. I am so sad. Jessica. The lack of love The inhumanity. Jessicas from around the world. There is no point in violence. What animals are we?”.

It is recalled that the funeral ceremonies took place this Friday, June 24, and were marked by a lot of emotion but also by a lot of revolt from the girl’s family and people, who insulted Inês, Jessica’s mother.

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