Heidi Klum rolls around in a bikini at 49 and the web reacts: “This is the body”

The model and actress Heidi Klum49 years old, once again surprised his Instagram followers 一 there are more than 9.7 million there 一 by sharing a video in which he appears dancing and swaying bikini.

On the social network, the presenter took a wave and ended up receiving a truckload of praise on account of her joviality and good shape:

“She is enjoying life, wonderful!” praised a fan. “Love this bikini,” said another. “I want to reach 50 like this”, commented another. “This is the body,” wrote an admirer.

Sharon Stone also rocked it!

Last week, Sharon Stone, 64, shared a photo in which she appeared in a bikini and topless, and was equally praised by her followers.

Much loved and respected on and off the big screen, the actress received more than 80,000 likes in just a few hours for showing off her real, unedited beauty:

“Very grateful for the imperfections on this perfect day”, celebrated the artist, who is still remembered for her performances in the erotic thriller. Wild instinct (1992).

When they saw the click, many people reacted: “Wonderful as always”, said a fan. “Icon”, summed up another. “A legend”, posted another. “It’s still dynamite,” wrote one admirer.

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